Area101 Provides Simple, Secure, Powerful Catering Software Solutions

Essential Solution

Essential, the basic solution in the FoodVenue. NET family, delivers “what it takes to get the job done”. This all-in-one basic web ordering solution is designed to provide a simple ordering process for pick-up or delivery. Essential provides the basic ability to sell on-line, its rules driven and built on Microsoft’s powerful .NET platform. Intuitive, flexible and secure, Essential is the perfect solution for smaller operations with tight budgets.

Core Solution

Core is the solution for mid-sized catering or food service operations with strong organizational needs. It provides a personalized, intuitive and easy to use buyer interface. Back office managers control order and menu management and changes are instant. Core’s customer relation management tool, report capabilities and ability to integrate with corporate intranets allow managers to grow your business while reducing operating costs.

Commercial Solution

Commercial is the comprehensive solution for managing a catering or food service business. The front of the house “Client Palate” guides clients and customizes their dashboard to remember preferences. The back of the house “Control Station” guides managers through each process from creating orders to managing menus and rules. Commercial places maximum power in the hands of clients and managers.